ABOUT: Rabbitry located in Stockholm, Sweden. Specialized in Himalayan black in Mini rex and Angora.

VISION: Improve the Mini rexes with reccessive genes of color, Himalayan (Californian, Rysstecknade, black pointed white)  

DESCRIPTION: We are members of SKAF, SKUF, Angoraföreningen and BMRC. Our rabbitry is registered in Sweden as 136 and our breeders identity is P62. 

Our rabbits have full pedigrees and don't carry any known diseases. They live outside all year around.  Most of them are vaccinated against both RVHD and Myxomatosis.

EXPORT: We are open for exports to other European countries. We have a known courier that will transport animals to big shows in the UK, Germany, Belgium or Denmark. We are able to meet ships in Nynäshamn or Stockholm for direct export to Finland, Latvia or Estonia. Leave us a message and we will do our best to accomodate your request.